Orders for Love is a program designed to enhance the lives of our nation’s bravest men and women including those suffering from PTSD, TBI or anxiety with the help of a shelter dog looking for its fur-ever home.  Veterans have given so much of themselves and often come back home and find that the war has followed them and is disrupting their lives. Sometimes what they need more than anything is a loyal companion that can be there with them through their journey of life after serving in a combat zone, entering into what we call the "No judge, unconditional love "zone.

Canine candidates will be over the age of one for this program and will train with their veteran to specifically meet the needs of their owner.  The program is open to any veteran from any military branch that feels they would benefit from a canine companion and/or therapy-service dog. These dogs are selected and trained with veterans through our Orders for Love training partners free of charge to the veteran.

PTSD isn't something you see with the naked eye.  It consumes the silent sufferers, and we aim to help heal invisible scars, and to make the lives of our brave and honorable veterans just a little bit easier by placing a new guardian with them to join their civilian journey.

Shelter dogs have displayed an innate ability to be more than just a family companion. They've shown the natural ability to help heal a person emotionally, and with the proper training, these rescues can learn to be certified therapy and service dogs.

Orders for Love partners with numerous canine shelters and is constantly searching to expand to more organizations.  Our training network is growing rapidly as well.  Our dedicated volunteers are working hard to extend our range to reach even more veterans whom we can help. We are looking to expand to any reputable rescue in the area in order to accommodate the Veteran close to where they live. 

 If you are interested in volunteering to help Orders for Love with dog placement, scouting, or fundraising please contact us.  Check back frequently for updates or feel free to email us at mstouffer@ordersforlove.com for more information. 

"Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere. Sometimes, in the middle of nowhere, you find yourself."

Ralph Waldo Emerson